– Pinocchio di Pinocchi

Pinocchio di Pinocchi


‘Pinocchio di Pinocchi’ was a work created in Florence. Build on a polystyrene form, the exterior body of the puppet was made of scraps and defective parts from the companies of Lago d’Orto, collected by Mastro Geppetto. Reaching a height of 5.7 meters and referencing the shape of popular gadgets of the 1800s, it was presented during the International Day of the Environment in Genoa on June 1, 2010. Composed of five separate pieces, the puppet was fully articulated and capable of different postures such as sitting or standing, running or walking. The intention of the work was to highlight aspects of environmental issues such as the distribution of resources. In collaboration with Gloria Berthold, Gianfranco Masi, and Maurizio Giani.