– Artemisia / Controradio

Artemisia / Controradio


Malagigi was the creator and host of the weekly broadcast “Artemisia” on the contemporary arts program for Controradio 93.7-93.6 MGZ from 1985 to 1999 in Florence. The world of images and visual creativity is mostly ignored by radio: here, Contemporary Arts, Architecture, Video and Design with a focus on ecological issues became a reference point for the Florentine artistic world. Frequent guests included Teresa Saviori, Letizia Schettini, Gianni Melotti, Grace Consoli, Matteo Chini, Stefano De Rosa, Sergio Risaliti, and Andrea Mi. In addition to interviews with curators, museum directors, journalists, and artists, a newsletter and sound experiments called “Noises of the Artist” were also aired. Often the transmission networked with Radio Onda Rossa of Rome and Radio Popolare of Milan. With the collaboration of Mario Bufano, Marco Imponente, and technical editing by Controradio.