– Contrajubilaeum



In 1999, Malagigi coordinated a didactic activity around the design of elaborate art for the Jubilee 2000 as part of his teaching at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. Called ‘Contrajubilaeum’, the goal was to contrast in a gently ironic way the Christian and Catholic jubilee year ‘Feast of All Religions’. With the company Dado Service, a website was built and dedicated to making visible all of the work of the art students. Several curated exhibitions followed in 2000 that included pieces such as rosaries made of chocolate, pilgrimage markers, items of clothing, special cards, shoes without soles, wreaths of silicon rubber thorns sold by the meter, and tithes. In collaboration with the philosopher of rights Luigi Lombardi Vallauri, Luigi Ciotti, Paolo Carossini, and Antonio Dell’Acquila.