– Design Course

Design Course


Appointed head of the Design Course at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze from 1977 to 2014, the course always intended to develop activities around design culture and experiment with forms of individual expressive language. The didactic activity consistently put a strong focus on building the students’ personality while providing many opportunities to relate with external reality and develop cultural trends and innovative visions in unison. Much attention has been paid to the theoretical notions of art as it relates to design, encouraging students in their independent judgment rather than promoting ideological dependence. Values ​​such as solidarity and environmental protection have been passed on over time and influenced the forming of resolutions. Many issues facing design have been addressed, and personalities from the world of art and design were often invited to interface with students. Numerous students won awards for the quality of their projects. Companies that have collaborated with the course include Slamp, Italy Dinamo, Report Bio, Gonzagarredi Cooperative of Mantua, Ecolevante, Hold, Freeshout, Fondazione Bambini in Emergenza, Quarter, Ecologicmente, Institute for Training and Applied Research, the City of Florence, Clown One Italia, Ecologica, Artex, Dado Service, Hollywood University, Viceversa, MACEF, Istituto Innocenti, RAI, Sterpaia, Waste Recycling, Honyou School, Gruppo Abele, Comieco, and Legambiente.