-Design School

Design School


Founding activities for the Scuola di Design in Ancona from 1973-1976 included Professional Artisan Education Courses, after which the consortium CRIPA became CNIPA. (In collaboration with Massimo Ceccarelli Vitangeli.) During the first pioneering phase, various professionals were invited to hold lectures, including Michele De Lucchi, Gianni Pettena, Almerico De Angelis, Piero Brombin, and Pierangelo Cetica among others. Participants in the course were from various art institutes, high schools, and the Faculty of Architecture. Malagigi led design activities and graphic instruction towards the promotion of the course, as well as organizing exhibitions surrounding the first students of the Course. The skills developed in the Design Course of CNIPA were then merged with the Centro Sperimentale di Design di POLIARTE, and again in 2016 with the Accademia di Design Poliarte di Ancona. With the collaboration of Giovanni Veroli and Giuliano Rabini.