– Dugongo



In 2013, a workshop and lecture was held in the capital city of Naha in Okinawa. The objective of the workshop was the construction of an extinct mammal species over a set number of days by a group of volunteers and students of the University of Art in the Prefectural Art Museum of Okinawa. First they collected thousands of small pieces of waste that had washed up in the ocean port of Naha. These were then cleaned and folded with the origami technique into flowers to be placed around the structure of the mammal. The construction thus obtained a length of eight meters in the shape of a mammal that still haunts the island’s shores. Various techniques were used to affix the flowers on the wood of the bamboo structure. The workshop ended with a lecture in the auditorium of the University. With the collaboration of Kiwako Ogata, Ayaka Kuda, Misao Oshiro, and Tetsuka Takamaru.