– Furniture for Villa Ulrich

Furniture for Villa Ulrich


In 2001, Malagigi oversaw the design of furniture and fittings in Villa Ulrich for Gruppo Abele of Luigi Ciotti, a community for drug-addicted mothers in San Mauro Torinese. Guests of the Villa are underage mothers and their children who are able spend anywhere from a few months to a year; in consideration of this, the design also included a preschool inside the house for up to 10 children with furnished childcare facilities. Channel 5 television followed the frenetic activity to deliver the completed work in 60 days. The realization of the project was made possible by a contribution from Luciano Pavarotti. Input in the design of certain solutions such as shelves and mirrors was made by the neuropsychiatrist Giovanni Bollea. With the collaboration of Luigi Ciotti, Channel 5, Marcello Melloni, Gonzagarredi Cooperative of Mantua, Mauro Minozzi, Gabibbo, and Chene Gomez.