– Medical Facility San Gallicano

Medical Facility San Gallicano


In 2003, Malagigi oversaw the project for the renovation and adaptation of the medical facility San Gallicano in Rome for Fondazione Bambini in Emergenza. With the collaboration of volunteers and students of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, elements such as waiting rooms for adults, signage, waiting rooms for kids, three-dimensional aerial decorations, surgeries, wall decorations, and offices were built. Interventions were made to liven up the space and the walls, hiding cracks and tears through the use of recovered materials. Inaugurated by Patch Adams, and with the collaboration of Mino Damato, Nike Magnoni, Anna Angelini, Federico D’Orazio, Thomas Virgillito, Luca Buzzichelli, Niccolò Angeli, and Erica Scala.