– PinocchioProject



Made in Tokyo, ‘Pinocchioproject’ was a 15 meter tall inflatable puppet made of component shapes of the Montessori Method around which dozens of recreational and educational activities took place on the themes of economy, food, television, journalism, art, inflation, lies, market, and photography. A symbol of the inroads that the Montessori Method has made in Japanese education, it stood to counteract and disrupt systems of strict rules that do not leave room for spontaneous creativity in children. Laboratories formed around the base of the puppet on the theme of lying. It coincided with a teleconference in Italy that became an annual festival called ‘Pinocchiocity’. It was made in November 2007 with volunteers of the Spiral Society of the Urban Center of Lalaport District. In collaboration with Ida Noriko and Masayoshi Ishida.