Projects for Children

Conceived to inform about sustainable development as in ‘Arborea’, to prepare for diving as in ‘Trieste’, or in the creative use of literacy technologies as in ‘Cinecittà dei bambini’ in Rome, these were projects for spaces and educational design products built to improve the quality of life for children of all ages. In some cases it meant the complete design of all the elements such as in Cosenza, or a catalog of industrially designed furniture such as in the kindergartens and elementary schools of Mantua. Ecological aspects and the industrial recycling of plastics has been taken into consideration in every project.


Center for Environmental Education, ARBOREA

Cinecittà dei bambini, ROME

Città dei ragazzi, COSENZA

International Cooperation Project, TAEJON

Laboratory for Musical Education, FORLÌ

Giocarredo, MANTUA

Design for school, MANTUA

Multidisciplinary Laboratory, GROSSETTO

Museo della Riserva Marina di Miramare, TRIESTE