– Scart



Malagigi was coordinator with Angela Nocentini for SCART, a laboratory workshop which took place at the Waste Recycling of Santa Croce Sull’Arno company in a series of experiments begun in 1999. The issue of the use of industrial waste in the production of manufactured goods remained a constant theme in the creation of stage design works, animals, portraits, exhibition booths, public decorations for Christmas, etc. The participants were students from the Accademie di belle Arti di Firenze and Bologna, as well as SCART-accredited artists. The workshops typically lasted one week with 10 people, and were also the subject of online and print articles. The works then entered into various exhibitions and entertainment productions. With the cooperation of the City of Santa Croce Sull’Arno, Maurizio Giani, Eugenio Cecioni, Nicholas Celesti Geddes, Luciano Modica, Angela Nocentini, and Roberto Semprini.