– Schillellè



‘Schillellè’ was a work carried out in spring 2009 in Sardinia at Pula, a city in the south-west of the island. It consisted of an 8 meter long fish made of the waste that washes up from the sea: bottles, shoes, nets, wood, and various plastics. Built in the shape of the popular mullet from which roe is extracted, the sculpture was positioned in a public location where its 5 metal-mounted pieces could easily be dismantled and moved depending on environmental conditions. A five week workshop involved the people and schools of the entire region, bringing together children, fishermen, teachers, and parents. The imagination of the citizens created this icon which uniquely communicated a desire to maintain their recycling programs at the highest level. Realized in collaboration with Centro di Educazione Ambientale della Laguna di Nora, Anna Lacci, Daniela Fadda, Giuseppe Ollano, and Giovanni Lenti.