– Tetrapak Pechino

Tetrapak Pechino


As part of the preparatory activities for Chinese students transitioning to western art universities and academies, Malagigi held a workshop at the Hongyu School in Beijing on the use of the Tetrapak in 2016. In large rooms, about 50 students created a myriad of small objects and complex installations over a week-long period. With cartons and tools brought from home, they made metaphorical works like nests of strips of Tetrapak, fantastic animals, public writing, jewelry, lamps, vehicles, temples, cutlery, balls, speakers, monsters, snakes, world maps, bows for shirts, and clothes. The final works were exhibited in a large hall. Participants were able to share their experiences in an auditorium, all works were documented, and awards given were the best projects. A brochure was also produced in the Italian language. With the collaboration of Angela Nocentini, Marina Carmignani, Maurizio Di Lella, and Andrea Burro.