– Tetrapak Shanghai

Tetrapak Shanghai


A workshop on the use of Tetrapak was organized for Tongji University, the Hongyu School based in Shanghai, and the City of Design in Shanghai in 2016. It was held for 50 students who chose to specialize in European creative activities among their interests. A week of work allowed them to realize many functional objects or simply to communicate content. In the beginning an introduction was made to the environmental theme. The realized works included frogs, watches, masks, vases, hats, wreaths, lamps, jewelry, sculptures, three-dimensional volumes, symbols, horses, dogs, multi-religious temples, and airplanes which were then exhibited at the Tongji University Museum and then left to the Design Innovation Center China Italia and Tongji University. Everyone realized a mask for the final photo, and cash awards were given to the best projects at the closure conference of ‘Campus Shanghai-Italia’ and Istituto Italiano di Cultura. In collaboration with Piergiorgio Piazza, Alberto Xu Fan, and Alberto Manai.