– The Art asks, the Design answers

The Art asks, the Design answers


“The Art asks, the Design answers” was the title of a two-week workshop for the Pristina Summer University and the Academic Training Association in Pristina, Kosovo, in 2003. A large space in the Faculty of Arts space hosted students from the Balkan countries. The first days were spent introducing projects that defended the rights of communities, with special attention paid to children. Platforms with which to create jobs in the areas of the arts or industrial design were then discussed, and each participant was given a theme and visual language to communicate or produce a project related to this theme. In one session, participants exchanged the reasons for their chosen project with each other. Experts in the field were invited and visits to companies were made. The workshop was covered in newspapers, on television, and in radio interviews. With the collaboration of Mehmet Behluli, Roya Ghiasy, and Sislej Xhafa.